Tuesday 16 September 2008


Astrid sent me a very sensual poem about words. I imagined words initially falling like petals on the body, touching different parts, different colours, getting different responses, but always contained within a regulating framework like a beating heart which holds this fragile moment together. Gradually things become more solid, freer to play with the regulation, freer to dance, secure in each others nature...
I will overwhelm you with words today.

Words of affection, wrapped around my tongue,
pushed deep into your mouth.
Words of endearment, slightly licking the corners of you upper lip,
trailing your cheek and reaching your ear.
Words of lust, moving slowly under you.

Hold on, so many more words I found to give to you.

These are words of thinking with you on matters far beyond ourselves.
These are words of emotional rationality which takes care of you and me.
These are words of vision of what love amongst equals can accomplish.

Words of laughter.
Words of sweetness.
Words of fairness.
Words of politeness.
Words of musing.
Words of nonsense.
Words of light.

Fortuitous words.

Words to illuminate and to evolve that
which is occurring between us.

Words of love.

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