Thursday 11 September 2008


These two improvisations were around Astrid's poem below:

Running out of time:
24 is a cruel number.
How can the entirety of no-time
burst forth into existence
and then be contained?

Please, give me the gift of a few more hours,
to breathe, love and create.

Running in no-time:

I arrive.

To me, this is about the struggle to cope with complexity. What should we do? Should we attenuate, shut our eyes and meditate? Do we do the reverse and amplify our own complexity? Or maybe both.. Maybe it's the balance, the skilful hand on the tiller that counts. Today has involved lots of Skyping, Twittering, Blogging, Word-processing (and lots of coffee!). Lots of personal amplification. I'm Reminded of Norbert Wiener's comment from about 1945: "We have changed the world. Now we have to change ourselves to survive in it."

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