Wednesday 17 September 2008


The poem today to me represents the very deepest human struggle of two people coming to terms with the power each has, and in the course of which, coming to terms with themselves. The improvisation represents this struggle in the lyrical 'cello' melody. The one-ness of the two and the whole process is represented by the C-major triads in the upper register...

One or two chrysalises
I start to see the plan you have.
I had not planned this myself, you know.
Never thought of two, only the one and the many.
So, now that it is you and I, as you are attached to my side, my  
heart and brain,
I got momentarily lost.
The I got another.

You can not plan for what you never experienced before.
All is changed, very different – slow down, run away.
That is the familiar response to any change.

Can you fathom the space of a minuscule moment in time where this can  
be entertained,
when in truth this heart is doing somersaults and this brain can not  
contain the joy for this that is new.
Testing, trying, pushing with infinite delight.

The I got another.

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