Friday, 11 November 2016

President Trump and the Little Trumpets: Why the former may help us to deal with the latter

Donald Trump is a nasty piece of work. Clinton, by contrast, appears to uphold decent values - although no doubt, she has been close to power for too long, and will have been corrupted by it. But really there is no comparison between the two. Like most people, I have been dealing with feelings of confusion every time I look at the TV: this can't have happened, can it?

Looking deeper at the differences between them, Trump is the overt criminal in charge of the world's most powerful nation, whereas Clinton is the technocrat who made life easy for so many smaller criminals - smaller Trumps - in charge of businesses large and small everywhere, whilst using her well-honed political skills to make sure that any disturbance caused by the 'Trumpets' didn't stick to her.

Big Trump - Donald - is now in a place where every move he makes will be scrutinised. He will not be used to this - because he has always been protected by the likes of Clinton, Obama, Bush, etc.

The pain that people experienced and have vented their anger about was not directly inflicted by politicians. It was inflicted by the Little Trumps who made them redundant, who ran their banks, who ran their educational institutions, their hospitals and welfare agencies. The liberal politicians created a world where nasty people could get to the top everywhere, whilst being protected by the establishment. That we now have a nasty individual at the very top with nobody to protect him might not be a bad thing (this is the best I can make of this). Imagine how other criminals like Philip Green would cringe at this level of scrutiny.

There's a story in the paper today reporting on the inquest into the death of a young woman who threw herself from a bridge over the M62 ( I remember it because I was caught in the traffic. She was a teacher. And she was under enormous pressure in her job, inflicted by the nasty managerialism of education today. Her nasty little Trump, the headteacher, found himself having to deny that he had told this woman of her "dysfunction" within the science department. It reminds me of another story from a school where I used to work: These are the Trumpets: Sir Trumpet.

Our social problem is simple, and our political system has so far avoided addressing it: we must deal with the Trumpets - the nasty little bullies who terrorise their employees every day - and the system that protects them. There are just so many of them: look at this one - He's still there. Why? Who's protecting him?

When I started work in the 1990s, I found myself working for a small software development firm. A family business, it was run like the mafia. Being young, I remember thinking about the point of voting, and the supposed 'freedoms' of democracy. This isn't a free society because no political choice exercised at the ballot box will stop people being abused by employers. Of course, this is what we created unions to deal with. But the unions have been smashed. Now employers have free reign to grab everyone by the pussy (which in many cases they do - and its hushed up).

We have a criminal in the White House. Maybe he will help us to look at powerful criminals everywhere.

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