Thursday 6 October 2011

Google trends gadget

I've been playing with Google trends after having a discussion with Tore Hoel about the TEL-MAP project. There's something fascinating about analytics generally. The fact that it gives a concrete representation of what we might suspect (or what might confound our expectations) has a causal effect on the way we think about things. It's another example of how in using computers we seem to be increasingly 'playing with reality' (to use Winnicott's phrase). I'll blog about this in more depth later... But the real-timeness of the interaction between the analytics, thought and action is impressive. And real-time feedback is getting faster and faster (note the second graph comparing 'websockets' with 'nodejs' - both driving forces behind the real-time web).


Heidegger would probably worry about the 'enframing' by technology of human being-in-the-world at this point...

Does he have a point??? well... there's the longer post...!

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