Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Distributed cognition and machine sex!

The rug seems to be getting pulled from constructivism. “Knowledge exists in the head” – Does it? Where exactly? Edwin Hutchin’s work on a Navy warship points to knowledge existing between peoples’ heads and a material world. Andrew Pickering talks of scientific knowledge as performance (a ‘mangle’) which is constantly ‘tuning’ into the material world. My work on music similarly is looking at the feedback mechanisms between individuals and their environment of communications. The bottom line here is very simple and has to do with basic morals:
1. If you treat someone badly they will ‘know’ different things to what they might have ‘known’ if you treated them well. That means they will communicate differently.
2. The way you change the world changes the ways others will treat each other.
I've been experimenting with the synth sounds for the cybernetics conference. It sounds a bit like machines having sex to me! More seriously, some will hear it and think "that’s rubbish!" or "that’s not music!"; others (one or two) might like it. What might each person ‘know’? Will their opinions change the communications they have with one another?

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