Tuesday, 21 June 2016

"Insert cash or pay with card" (more on the EU)

Had enough of being told what to do by machines?
Of course, it's all very rational, sensible, etc...
But we all hate it.
Stupid machines.
Stupid techno-rationalism.
 How am I going to vote in the EU referendum? 
Obviously, since you ask, I've thought about it very carefully...
"I think on balance, we should vote to remain..."
But it's not an endorsement for the status quo
And I want it to be very close
I want people in Brussels to listen.
When I'm in the polling booth
Who's to know what I actually do?
"Insert cash or pay with card"
God I hate all that stuff!
 There's something a bit kinky about voting Leave
It's a kind of transgression
Like drawing a cock on the ballot paper.
But a cross in Leave is better than a cock
Because that momentary thrill...
could upset the whole establishment machine.
I could be tempted to be...
Thrills are so hard to come by under austerity. 
If the polls are terribly wrong, we shouldn't be surprised (again). This vote won't be rational. A rational position is, after all, very difficult. When people are in the polling booth, their behaviour may well be at odds with what they might have told pollsters.

"Insert cash or pay with card"
God I hate that! Now which box shall I tick? Do I fancy a thrill?
The political problem we have is that our politicians have a poor understanding of the human condition. That is a failing in their own education. They were schooled into a rationalistic, technocratic worldview which has taught them to become professional politicians. They may be about to learn that this view of the world is a myth. 
The lukewarm 'yes' is the most sensible outcome. But there will be nothing sensible that emerges from this. I think (fear?) NO will win by a bigger margin than the polls suggest. I sort of hope I'm wrong. But if I'm not, then everyone needs cool heads and open hearts.

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