Thursday, 7 January 2010

Astrid's Birthday

It's Astrid's birthday today. I bought her a new printer which she liked. Off out to a vegetarian restaurant later, and spent time looking at houses. Snow is causing real problems. Went sledging with Izzy yesterday (she was off school) - so not all gloom. Also got new virtual server set up today with VNC access, etc.. best solution for diabetes project. Returned home to find 900% increase in my gas bill. It was a mistake.
All this diversity of experience is captured a bit in this improvisation. In it I think more about dramatism and its link to the theories I've been thinking about...particularly about the consumption of services (the gas bill episode is a good example). What's the difference between the gold-star product and the base product? Does the difference in labour justify it? Or is it a manipulation? (exhortation/coercion/disruption)?

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