Friday 4 December 2009

Initial Reflections on Kant's Aesthetics and Roger Scruton

Saw Roger Scruton's film about beauty. Very interesting. Read that Kant believed the aesthetic judgement is regulative rather than constitutive. What does that mean? Coheres well with what I'm thinking at the moment...
I disagree with Scruton. He seems to see an idealised beautiful world as something separate from the world in which he lives. This view seems to me to be dangerous (potentially fascist), and will contribute to the maintenance of the separation which it contains. For me, beauty is there to be seen if we choose to see it. If more saw it (the planners, the architects, the artists, the teachers, the parents, etc), the world would indeed be more beautiful in the way that Scruton imagines. In other words, beauty is political: it is about seeing the difference you can make by seeing things as beautiful. I see this as a more pre-Kantian/Scholastic/Catholic perspective.

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