Monday 26 October 2009

A smilative improvisation (by way of an explanatory principle!)

I tried to do a happy improvisation.. certainly in response to some happy events (musical party on Sunday... great fun!) But does 'being happy' explain the 'smiley' feelings I have?? I don't think so. A smilative principle isn't useful to me. I want a deeper explanation (which inevitably will still be an explanatory principle... but it might be one which leads me to do something that puts me more in control of my own and others' 'smilativeness'). What is a 'happy' (smilative?) organisation? Maybe it's one which positions others well, connecting its own perception and communication systems with social communicative actions which keep differences being made which lead to greater connection between perception and communication. That's a smilative mechanism. And here's a smilative improvisation.

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