Saturday, 30 June 2018

Ground State

I haven't done any improvisation for ages. It is really a kind of spiritual practice for me - one that I am understanding more deeply now, as I am looking at work on "Communicative Musicality". I like Trevarthen's idea of "synrhythmia" and "amphoteronomy". It seems plausible to me that the vibrations of sound resonate with the circadian rhythms of physiology.

John Torday suggests that the physiological mechanisms and vibrations which underpin consciousness, are in themselves reflected in the action of cellular calcium pumps, which may well unlock the primal origins of cells in pre-history and the "implicate order" in Bohm's quantum mechanics. Music affects us profoundly - might it be because the whole universe and the wholeness of history is collapsed within the cellular organisation of our physiology? What a thought that is! I would like it to be true...

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