Thursday 21 October 2010

Learning spirals

In my thinking about symmetry and proportion, I was playing around with logarithmic spirals and the golden section proportions that sit behind them. This might provide a different way of presenting the regulating functions of the VSM rather than Beer's diagram. Basically, I'm concerned to show the relative proportion of the regulatory mechanisms, and the fact that at any point we may be 'damping' (disrupting), or coordinating (coercing) or dreaming (exhorting), and that these things will almost certainly not be in equal measure at any time point.

We can think of this as a synchronic (structural) dimension of organisation and coordination. But there is also a temporal or diachronic dimension. Over time, interventions and communications are also in proportion. So the spiral becomes dimensioned. Does this give is a multi-dimensional way not just of analysing the regulating mechanisms over time, but also a way of intervening with them..?

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