Tuesday 18 May 2010

terminology, music and dance

Something's struck me with some force in the last day or so. Thinking about landscape and memory, and trees in particular has led me to think again about issues of grounding of being.

In music, we talk of 'roots', and my music frequently tries to upset roots, to subvert it - particularly with 2nd inversions. I want to explore the branches, and see where it might lead. For people, our physical roots are our legs, they carry our weight and conduct our movement. Most of the we spend rooted to the ground either by our legs or our arses!

If you subvert the role of legs, you end up with something like this:
I've never really considered dance at all seriously.

Other aspects of this subversion of legs can be seen in football and fashion (high-heel shoes?). So there's a rich vein to explore here!

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