Sunday 25 April 2010


Yesterday's video is about memory.. I couldn't remember what I'd done, so I boot-strapped my memory as I wrote.
What's going on here?
What I said in the video was that the mechanism which sustained my current memory was still active (hence I still had that memory). On inspecting the mechanism (this is new essence with a new mechanism?) I became aware of the mechanism which sustained that mechanism. The mechanism which sustained that mechanism was a new essence sustained by a mechanism.
In each case, 'essence' is what is remembered; 'mechanism' is what sustains the essence as memory. 'Context' - although not considered here - is what might sustain the conscious operation of introspection in the present time (circumstances for remembering - like writing my blog)
the cycle of remembering is:
essence1 -> mechanism1 -> awareness of mechanism1 = essence2 -> mechanism2 -> awareness of mechanism2 = essence3... etc
Today's video is about birdsong and communication - tying into the themes from yesterdays thoughts about Lovelock, communication and sentient existence


amos said...

can you tell me the name of the program that you use to write the music?

amos said...
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Mark Johnson said...

It's just Microsoft word, using a Tablet PC

amos said...

Thanks...Grazie 1000