Sunday 4 October 2009

Prolongation, curiosity and boredom

This improvisation has a repeating melody with a transforming melodic context which disrupts it. As the disruption occurs, the melodic ideas are prolonged through being seen from different 'angles' (contexts). Curiosity, the longing for knowledge, is maintained. The longing builds a certain tension... as if having seen the melody from those contexts where it is 'understood', either a radical new context is found to re-represent it, or some radical change in the melody should occur (this doesn't happen here). The disruption of the harmony is the different that makes the difference that keeps the difference being made. The difference being made is the longing (for knowledge?). What if there was a radical shift (a modulation for example, or a new theme)? This would be an exhortation - presenting an entirely new world... Would it 'explain', 'attain knowledge'? It's immediate effect would be to radically change the context so that what might have happened before becomes more distant an more explicable. But the longing isn't satisfied. It is maintained. The difference of exhortation is a different sort of difference which keeps the difference being made.

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